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Poetic License: Sharon Webster at SPACE Gallery, Burlington

The intersection of music (sounds) and lyric (words) creates a unique art form which is quite familiar: the song. But what does the intersection of art (visual imagery) and lyric (words) make?

Sharon Webster lives and creates at the intersection of art and lyric,. She has been bringing corporeal poetry--poetry intertwined with art and objects--to life in her South End studio for 41 years. Her solo exhibit at SPACE Gallery (266 Pine Street Suite 105 Burlington), Poetic License, beautifully invites us to consider this intriguing and little-explored realm.

In Book Catchers, tiny antique books float in cheesecloth suspended from angel-worthy white-painted glittery badminton rackets, reminiscent of dream catchers in which the dreams have been captured on the printed page. In Crows, Sharon spreads the words of her poems across a series of black fabric forms, a comment on the communal nature of a flock of crows on a sub-zero morning outside her studio window, and a suggestion that our survival depends on one another. Song and textiles also entangle with her work, which is both joyful and insightful, lovely and enlightening.

The show is open until July 26th.

Sharon's poetry book Everyone Lives Here is available from Fomite Press:

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Jul 06

I love this! Thanks for writing this feature on my sister’s art.

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