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Cindy Ellen Hill is a writer, musician and obsessed gardener in Middlebury, Vermont. She has written extensively for Vermont Woman, Vermont Outdoors, VTDigger, and magazines, winning NENPA awards. She has published literary, environmental and science fiction short stories.  

She is the author of two sonnet chapbooks, Wild Earth (Antrim Press 2021) and Elegy for the Trees (Kelsay Books 2022), and her poetry has appeared in Vermont Magazine, Vermont Life, Measure, The Lyric, and on National Public Radio. She is presently an MFA student at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Off the Press

Cindy Ellen Hill's first poem in Elegy for the Trees vows to sing for the trees. Her tightly-crafted poems do exactly that... Her poetry songs often follow a fourteen-line tradition that includes the parsing of Celtic and Skaldic meters and Green elegiac couplets... She reminds us of what we need to think about now more than ever, how we can honor the memories of trees. Finally, her imperative: go plant a tree.

Cindy Ellen Hill's new book of poems, Wild Earth, explains why poets have been writing sonnets for over 800 years. For Hill, a sonnet, which she uses in a dozen variants, inspires and demands fresh ways to sing aloud of love, nature, humanity and divinity, and of vivid characters, from the poet herself to the cranky neighbor next door, from God and the gods to the endangered wld Earth.

Cindy Ellen Hill's second book of sonnets, Elegy for the Trees, explores the life and death of trees. The whole work is infused with the impermanence and the importance of trees. Not content with solely classical forms, she blends in ancient eddic and druidic themes with wonderful results. These extraordinary sonnets are most skillfully worked. Hill is a true sister in spirit to Danu, Fridays, Gaia, and many, many dryads

Tricia Knoll,
Author, Checkered Mates

David Weinstock,

Author, The Amalek Poems

Dan Close, 
Author, What the Abenaki Say About Dogs

In The Press


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